On The Road Towards Perfection

True perfection is unattainable; however, by undertaking the road to perfection one always can learn something more.

Best Tennis Is Mostly Best Decisions Making and Technical Skills for Their Implementation

Here you will find unique content about court position, ball placement and the best ball direction from any court position.


Congratulations, you are interested or already playing the great game of tennis! We sincerely hope that here you will find everything that you need to improve and enjoy the game.

What you will find here

This website can be a useful tool for everyone that loves the game of tennis including recreational and professional players and coaches. By following the recommendations in this website, you will experience more joy playing the game of tennis.

What is a good game?

The basis of a good game is the player always being in the correct position. This requires good footwork and correct ball direction and placement.

What is the correct position on the court during the game

The position that gives equal chances of the tennis player reaching the ball in each of its directions. We want to emphasize that correct position is not always in the middle of the possible directions of the ball.

Are there exceptions

Exceptions to the recommendations for the direction, where to play the ball and the correct position can always be seen during any match, but the main reasons for these exceptions are mostly ignorance and/or inability of the playing player to take the right position on the court.

When are there exceptions

The main reason for not getting into the right position is because the opponent has played the ball so well that after the stroke you don’t have time to move into the correct position.

What will we consider?
In this website we will provide some precise calculations regarding the game situations described, but for them to be valid you must keep in mind that there are other factors affecting those computations such as the existing correlations between the age and the level of the players, their physical capabilities and their ability to place the ball with sufficient speed in the appropriate target zones.
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Why do I have to learn that?
By placing the ball in the appropriate target zone one simultaneously will increase the time necessary for his opponent to reach the ball and it will shorten his own time necessary to get to his next court position. By repetitively working on those skills, the players will be able to execute their decisions when necessary without doubts. The players will be able to dictate the point; this in most cases will lead to the winning of the point.
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For Coaches
Based on my personal experiences while working with children, the kids that have used the system described in this website have made quicker improvements and have reached good results in a short time period. The main advantage is that the children create a habit to play and think tactically correct from very early age. However, with time as the children’s technical skills and physical abilities improve the children will be able to reach the appropriate tactical decision during a real game situation without difficulties and this leads to extraordinary results.
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For Players
It is natural that some doubts exist regarding the execution of shoots located close to the borders of the zones. In this instance, it is crucial that the player take proper and quick decision. Inevitably, some decisions might seem better than others might at least at glance however; this is not always the case. Therefore, a decision based on adequate evaluation of the existing situation and on all available options is necessary.
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The materials in this website concerning tennis player court positions, recommended ball directions and ball placement are the basis of my book On The Road Towards The Perfection (published, 1991). That's why the content of this website is unique.


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