Rally Zone A2 Recommendations

Rally Zone A2 Recommendations

Tennis Court Sub Zone A2

From this subzone the player can take the initiative or directly to win point.

Let’s look at diagram 4. If you play cross court from position X2 and your opponent is in on position Y2, he has to cover almost twice the distance in order to hit the ball than you have to cover in order to be in the correct position.

  1. Advantages you to play cross court are:
    – This zone is bigger than if you play down the line;

– You have to cover the shortest distance to be in the next correct position;

– The ball passes over the net in almost the lowest place that is close to the center of the net.

  1. Disadvantages to playing here are:

– The maximum possible speed of the ball will be less than the ball’s speed if you had played down the line because of the topspin or slice shot that you have to implement;

– At position Y21 on diagram 4 your opponent has the maximum angle to attack you.

If the ball’s placement is in the green zone you have a greater chance your shot to be a wining shot.

In Diagram 5 you are in the X2 position and you will play down the line. That’s a perfect decision but in order to implement a wining shot:
– You have to have a really accurate shot because this zone is the smallest one, and/or;
– Your opponent has to not be in the correct position. For example, close to the corner of the court.
1. Advantages if you play down the line are:
– You can implement a faster shot than if you play cross court;
– Sometimes you can move foreword and play a volley.
2. Disadvantages to playing down the line are:
– This zone is the smallest one and requires an accurate shot;
– The distance to the next correct position is almost twice as long than if you had played cross court;
– The ball passes over the net in the highest place.


1.When the ball is in zone A2, inside of the court and if the player can attack, it is preferable that the player plays down the line /straight/ and plays cross court in any other cases.
2. If your opponent can hit the ball from the position that is closest to the the corner of the court (Diagram 2 position ``X2``), your position has to be 0.8 m from the court's center (on the ``Y2`` on the diagram). In the Diagram 3 it is the same but from the opposite side.
3. In Diagram 2 and 3 the green indicates the recommended zone(s) where you have to play in order to implement a wining shot when you are in zone A2.
4. Sometimes it is a good decision to play a drop short ball, close to the net from sub zone A2. In this case, it is equi-distant to play cross court or down the line. We recommend that you play such shot mostly when you play on a clay court, you have good skills to implement such a shot and for the element of surprise.
5. When you have to hit the ball from position X2, the recommended opponent's position Y2 is about 0.8 m (2 - 3 feet) from the center on the opposite court's side.
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