Why do we divide tennis court in zones?
The zones and sub zones can be drawn and a coach to carry out purposeful training so as: to create correct habits of tactical playing and to improve the technical skills and precision of the strokes. Doing so helps you to do whatever you must in order to improve your game.

Normally every player has several options where and how to play the ball from any position on the court. In order to actualize his decision the player has to have the necessary technical and tactical knowledge and skills.

When the player makes his/her choice for ball’s direction and placement she/he wants:

– In regards to his/her opponent, the ball’s speed, direction and placement to be the most difficult for returning;

– In regards to his/her own position, to play the ball in the way that guarantees that she/he has enough time after the stroke to move to next correct position on the court.

The given recommendations here about the ball’s direction and placement should not be considered as a way to win the point directly. Sometimes it is possible, but you must always be ready for the next shot.

The major factors that influence your decision about the direction of your shot, the trajectory of the ball and the variety of the shots are:

  • The location of your opponent;
  • Your location;
  • The speed and the bounce of the ball that you have to hit;
  • The court surface;
  • Your skillfulness to execute the best option.

Considering the listed factors, it becomes obvious that the key to success will be the combination of the players’ ability to evaluate those factors and to execute the appropriate decision in a timely manner.

The unpredictability of the speed of the ball, its direction and bounce; the constantly changing location of the players and the variety of shots used by them, combined with the ability and the necessity for quick decision making, make the game of tennis very difficult and at the same time attractive and exciting.

This website’s recommendations are based on a physical and mathematical analysis of some game situations; which make the given recommendations regarding those game situations inherently indisputable.  By following the recommendations in this website, you will experience more joy playing the game of tennis.

The court is divided on three zones according to what the player is doing there. Sometimes you can reach and hit the ball out of the shown zones but that is the exception, it happens very rarely and the recommendations are similar to the zone closest to this place. Therefore such cases will not be the subject of this analysis.

The zones’ sizes are shown on the diagram in meters.

In the diagram:

 “A” is the Rally Zone – that’s the zone where players play rally. Go to recommendations for this zone. 

“B” is the Transition Zone – the players move to zone “C” or return to zone “A” from from this zone after implemting a stroke

“C” is the Volley Zone – in this zone players most play volley shots.

Tennis Court Sub Zones

Every zone is divided into three sub zones  (А1, А2, А3, B1, B2, B3, С1, С2 and С3). They are made according to recommendations for where the best ball direction and ball placement is and the recommended next court position of the player that hit the ball thee.  The sub zones’ sizes are shown on the diagrams in meters.

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