Rally Zone Recommendations

Rally Zone Recommendations


1. Where is the best ball direction and placement from any given position?

Without any specific game situation, it is obvious that the best scenario is when the distance that player, who hit the ball, has to cover the shortest distance from his current location to his next location and the same distance for his opponent is maximum.

2. What is a cross court ball?

You have played a cross court ball when the ball crosses the sideline of the opponent’s half of the court.

3. In all of the diagrams, the zones from which the player has to hit the ball are in yellow.

4. Recommended zones and ball directions where the same player has to play are indicated in green.

5. In each diagram the ball’s position from where the player has to hit the ball is marked as “X” and the receiving player’s position is marked with “Y”.

6. In all the diagrams you will see the recommended receiving player’s position “Y” in meters.

1. Play the ball in the green zone to keep your opponent far from the net.
2. Do not play a short ball because the distance to the net is the longest and the opponent can easy to reach the ball.
3. If you have to play ball from the position close to a sideline corner, play it cross court. After the stroke you will be close to your next position and the zone is much bigger than if you just play straight. You will find a more in depth explanation in the next pages.
4. When you have to hit the ball from position X1 the recommended opponent's position Y1 is about 1.1 m (3 - 4 feet) from the center on the opposite court's side.
Zone A2
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