Recommendations for Court Etiquette

Recommendations for Court Etiquette
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Recommendations for Court Etiquette

  1. Do not walk around neighboring courts when games are being played. If is absolutely necessary, walk quickly behind the players when they are not playing.
  2. Do not talk to players or coaches during their lessons.
  3. If a ball enters your court, stop the game and return the ball in the direction it came from.
  4. Invite players at your level to play a game. Do not try to play against players that are too far above your level of experience.
  5. When you play a match and your opponent has to serve, pick up all the balls in your half of the court and hit the balls to him/her carefully when you are sure that he/she is ready to catch them.
  6. If your opponent’s first service fails, do not run after the ball to pick up it.  You can retireve the ball after the point is finished.
  7. The court is not the place for friendly conversations. If you must talk, please do so as quietyly as possible so you don’t disturbe the other players around you.
  8. If you play a match without a referee, you are responsible for your half of the court. The same is true for your opponent. If you are not sure whether the ball is in or out ask your opponent.  If neither of you are sure, repeat the point.
  9. After the game, no matter how the game was played, it is obligatory to shake your opponent’s hand.
  10. Please clean the court and leave it in the same or better condition than when you came.
  11. Always wear the appropriate apparel. Tennis shoes and sports clothing. Never play without a shirt.
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